Eiyo Boro/Nutritious Boro 2.99oz

Eiyo Boro/Nutritious Boro 2.99oz


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What is Boro?

Tamago boro is usually made with wheat flour instead of starch, but a unique twist of being manufactured in Hokkaido prefecture, it uses potato starch. Potato starch, eggs, skimmed milk powder, and sugar are all produced in Hokkaido.

The Company's Legacy

A warm, sweet scent. The perfectly round Tamagoboro are lined up neatly and slowly flow down the conveyor. Ikeda Shokuhin is the only company that manufactures boro in Hokkaido. Since the Taisho era, the taste has remained almost unchanged. Originally, this Tamago Boro was made by Hashimoto Seika in Hokkaido, which is now gone. When the president closed the company, he begged the former president of Ikeda Shokuhin, with whom he had a relationship, to continue manufacturing Tamago Boro. It seems that he decided to take over the machine, the manufacturing method, and the product name "Hashimoto's Tamago Boro" as it is, thinking that the taste should not be lost. The cute design of the package has not changed since then.


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