Lec Gekiochi Bottle Brush Telescopic Beads

Lec Gekiochi Bottle Brush Telescopic Beads


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●It will not scratch inside the bottle and dirt can be removed with just water because it contains soft plastic cleaning beads.
●The sponge opens and reaches the corners.
●It is very hygienic because the sponge can be removed and washed.
●As the handle expands and contracts, it can reach deep bottoms and is convenient for storage.
●If the sponge becomes old due to repeated use, please purchase the separately sold spare "Gekiochi Bottle Washing Spare (Beads)".


Country of Origin: Japan

[Size] Product size (approx.): 65x55xH330mm

[Material] Handle: Polypropylene Sponge: Nylon non-woven fabric (with abrasive material), polyurethane foam

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Dimensions 2.59 × 2.165 × 12.99 in


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