Nisshin Japan GOKUMOCHI Hotcake Pancake Mix

Nisshin Japan GOKUMOCHI Hotcake Pancake Mix


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Nissin Ultra Rich Pancake Flour is made from 100% wheat flour produced in Japan. Among them, 20% of the wheat flour is a "super" strong wheat flour made with a new variety of wheat from Hokkaido, Japan, "ゆめちから" This kind of wheat flour is a kind of autumn wheat. Its gluten is very strong. It is very suitable for blending with other medium and low wheat flours. The clear and rich muffin flour is mixed with "ゆめちから wheat flour" in the perfect ratio to improve the original The weak point of the slack of wheat flour makes the muffins moist and soft. In addition, this product also contains a hint of vanilla, adding a unique taste.

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