Puccho Assorted 4 Flavors 3.16oz


Puccho Assorted 4 Flavors 3.16oz


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What is it?

Puccho is like a soft candy with flavors. Puccho is a brand name of sweets manufactured and sold by UHA Mikakuto. Uha Mikakuto started selling Puccho in 2000. Carefully selected high-end fruit Kyoho flavor,  Zennoh Yamanashi Akahide Arita mandarin orange flavor, soda, and cola flavor are included in the bag.

Uha Mikakuto was founded in 1949 and is headquartered in Osaka. Uha Mikakuto has been creating creative and unique products, just like encounters with unknown foods. The uniqueness of the product is UHA Mikakuto itself. Currently, the total number of items made by Uha Mikakuto counts over 100.

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