Smiski Mini Glow Figure Toilet Series (1 Random Box)

Smiski Mini Glow Figure Toilet Series (1 Random Box)


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Smiski Toilet Series collectable dolls. Smiski is a curious little creature that loves hiding in small spaces and corners of your room. Although they like to stay hidden, you might recognize at night as they mysteriously glow in the dark. In the Bathroom and Toilet series, a new blue Smiski has been found in the corners of the bathroom! This series has a blue colour and is made of the same phosphorescent material that makes Smiski glow! Look out for Smiski Peek-a-boo, a Smiski that likes to peek from the inside of the Toilet Paper roll and Smiski Helping Out, a Smiski that wants to help in case the paper runs out. But doesn’t realise that the toilet paper is too tiny. Look out too for the three tiny Smiski Little Smelly set, who are always holding breath because they are very sensitive to smell! Smiski are sold blind – you will receive one of the dolls in this series at random. One little secret Smiski figure is also placed at random in some boxes.


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