Sunstar Stationery Metacil S4541120 Black

Sunstar Stationery Metacil S4541120 Black


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・It is a metal pencil that "writes" and "erases" even though it is a metal pencil to the core.
・A metal pencil is a writing utensil whose core is made of a special alloy containing graphite, and when the particles of the graphite and the alloy adhere to the paper due to friction with the paper when writing, it becomes a handwriting.
・Because it can be erased with an eraser and wear of the core is small, you can continue to write for a long time without scraping.
・Since everything from the shaft to the core is made of metal, it has a moderate weight and a matte texture that gives it a sophisticated impression.
・Because it does not bleed with water or water-based markers, it is also ideal for drafting watercolors and illustrations.


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