UCC Assam Milk Tea Mild Taste Sweet Flavor 337ml

UCC Assam Milk Tea Mild Taste Sweet Flavor 337ml



Water, Whole Milk, Sugar, Black Tea (Assam 100%), Milk Powder, Emulsifier, Artificial Flavor

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Creamy Assam tea is ready to drink in this convenient can. Enjoy hot or cold for a tasty, milky and sweet, lightly caffeinated tea in the morning or any time of day. Assam tea is a mild black tea grown in Assam, India. It has a higher caffeine content than other black teas, making this milk tea a great option to replace coffee. Each 337-milliliter can is a single serving of mild-flavored, sweet milk tea, a favorite in Japan and around the world.

UCC is a leading brand of Japanese coffee products. Their wide range of consumer-friendly coffee includes ready-to-drink cans, ground beans for home use, and single-serving coffee cups for instant brewing. Recognized for their commitment to quality and technological innovations in the coffee space, UCC products are enjoyed around the world.

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