Uni-Ball ONE

Uni-Ball ONE


Country of manufacture: Japan
Material/component: Oil-based ink

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  • A new gel ink ballpoint pen that uses a new technology bead pack pigment to write even darker letters and has a proven effect that makes it easier to remember.
  • Unlike general gel ink, the newly developed uni-ball one ink uses a new pigment that minimizes the penetration of colorants into paper fibers. The pigment used in "Uni-ball One Ink" is a proprietary bead pack pigment that encloses conventional coloring materials in particles.
  • Mitsubishi Pencil has been around 135 years and has established reputation with good products.
  • Under the supervision of Professor Masafumi Hattori of the College of Comprehensive Psychology, Ritsumeikan University, they conducted a "memory recall task", an experimental method of cognitive psychology, for high school students. When we compared the memorization performance of handwritten characters with ballpoint pens of different shades, we found that characters written with uni-ball one's dark black ink had a higher correct answer rate and a higher word recall rate than those written with general gel ink

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 0.5 × 0.5 × 5.5 in
Uni-ball ONE

Faded Black, Faded Blue, Faded Gray, Faded Green, Faded Pink, Faded Red, Faded Yellow


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