Kuru Toga Standard Model Silver 0.5mm

Kuru Toga Standard Model Silver 0.5mm


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・A mechanical pencil with a core that rotates and keeps sharpening!
・The inside of the mechanism is divided into three gears, and the middle gear connected to the core
moves up and down using the pen pressure when writing letters. By meshing diagonally with the upper and lower gears, the middle gear and the core rotate
little by little each time you write one stroke , rotating about 9 degrees in one stroke and making one turn in 40 strokes. ・Even if you continue to write, the core tip does not get caught on the paper surface, and a constant thin and dark line is drawn stably. ・Since the tip of the core is shaped so that it does not easily collapse, the core dust does not come out and does not stain the paper surface.

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Kuru Toga 0.5mm

Black, Silver


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