Lec Gekiochi Sesqui Cleaning Liquid 400ml

Lec Gekiochi Sesqui Cleaning Liquid 400ml


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●The power of sodium sesquicarbonate has been added to the blockbuster product, “Mizu no Gekiochi-kun”.
●Even though it is water, it is powerful and safe because it is a natural material! Alkaline electrolyzed water and sodium sesquicarbonate cleaner. A colorless and odorless cleaner that contains sodium sesquicarbonate in alkaline electrified water that has been electrolyzed using a unique method. Alkaline ions (negative ions) envelop dirt that cannot be removed by wiping with water, and lift it off.
●Since it contains sodium sesquicarbonate, which has 10 times the alkaline power of baking soda, it is resistant to oil stains and sebum stains.
●Since it does not use surfactants, it is gentle on the hands and does not pollute the drainage.
● You can clean the whole house with this one, such as oil stains in the kitchen and dirt on your hands in the living room. What's more, no need to wipe twice! !
●Since it does not use surfactants, it is also suitable for cleaning microwave ovens, refrigerators, and cars where you don't want to use detergent.
●As it does not use surfactants, it is ideal for baby products, children's toys, and pet products.
●Since it removes dirt and germs that cause odors, it also has a disinfecting and deodorizing effect.

Country of Origin: Japan

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