Mosh Food Pot 300ml Green


Mosh Food Pot 300ml Green


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This food pot is perfect if you want to eat

  • Warm soup at work, school, and outside
  • Cold fruits
  • Oatmeal/overnight oatmeal
  • Yogurt etc

A mosh! food pot with a jam jar motif. You can carry it while maintaining the temperature of soup etc. with a stainless steel vacuum 2-layer structure.

♦It has 100ml increments inside so you can measure easily

♦Heat resistant temperature: (6 hours) above 122°F (59°C), (1 hour) over 176°F (83°C)

♦Cold resistant temperature: (6 hours) below 11 degrees, (1 hour) below 7 degrees

<How to use>

  • Be sure to use boiling hot water for cooking.
  • Preheat the soup jar with boiling water beforehand or put ice inside for cold contents. Please remove the lid when preheating.
  • Do not put the soup jar on fire or in a place near the fire such as a stove. Doing so may cause burns, deformation, or discoloration.
  • Be careful not to splash hot water when draining hot water during keep-warm cooking. Doing so may cause burns.

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