BCL Cleansing Research Oil Cleanser Pore Clear 6.8 fl oz/200ml

BCL Cleansing Research Oil Cleanser Pore Clear 6.8 fl oz/200ml


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The keratin plug-clearing ingredient thoroughly removes dirt from clogged pores, leaving your skin smooth.
Removes without rubbing, or stroking prescription. Formulated to reduce skin friction, it gently wipes off makeup, reducing the burden and irritation on the skin.

[Contains keratin care ingredients]
Formulated with fruit acid to create smooth skin without dullness*1.
Keratin care ingredients: fruit acid (malic acid, lactic acid)

[Contains square plug clear ingredients]
Softens keratin plugs and removes clogged dirt from pores. It leads to transparent skin.
Keratin clearing ingredients: royal jelly acid *2 / olive oil/sunflower oil/jojoba seed oil/macadamia nut oil/rosehip oil *3 / squalane/soapwort leaf extract

[Contains skin-tightening ingredients]
Tightens and smoothes skin after cleansing.
Skin tightening ingredient: artichoke leaf extract

[Contains moisturizing ingredients]
Moisturizes the skin and leads to fresh skin.
Moisturizing ingredient: apple fruit water/apple fruit extract

[How to use]

Take an appropriate amount (2 to 3 pushes) and mix well with makeup before rinsing. You can use it even if your hands and face are wet.

【What are the benefits of AHA face wash?】
AHA is an abbreviation for alpha hydroxy acid. It is also called fruit acid because it is found in fruits. AHA has the effect of promoting the turnover of the old stratum corneum and making the skin smooth. It is effective for preparing skin that is resistant to acne and for skin care for dull skin, skin with conspicuous pores, and rough skin.

*Color-free, alcohol-free, mineral oil-free

Apple Scent

Country of origin: Japan

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