Imju Dejavu Paint-On Lashes Set

Imju Dejavu Paint-On Lashes Set


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Succeeded in reducing the amount of water in the liquid that causes eyelashes to droop! Prevents eyelashes raised with a curler from falling down and keeps them upright. In addition, the eyelashes are moderately volumized and lengthened with fiber to emphasize the upward eyelashes.The smooth film liquid coats the eyelashes, making them smooth and lustrous without lumps. It's easy to remove with warm water. Contains beauty ingredients (moisturizing).
Color: Glossy and deep black <black>

Comes with 2 mascaras:

  • Fiberwig Ultra Long¬† Mascara And Tiny Sniper E Mascara - Black
  • Fiberwig Ultra Long E 1 Mascara

One is for the overall lashes and the other one is for small part of lashes!

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Weight 0.015 lbs
Dimensions 3.14 × 1.6 × 8.26 in


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