Momo Puri Fresh Bubble Pack 2.1oz/60g

Momo Puri Fresh Bubble Pack 2.1oz/60g


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Contains lactic acid bacteria and peach ceramide to apply

A pack that moisturizes with bubbly bubbles♥ Fresh bubbles are generated when applied to the skin. For peachy skin that is plump and moist with a bubble massage.

When you put it on your skin, it foams up, and while gently massaging your skin with the effect of the foam, it replenishes your skin with moisture to give you plump peach skin.
Recommended for special care when you are concerned about dryness or dullness.

🔹Lactic acid bacteria
Formulated with lactic acid bacteria ingredients that focus on the indigenous bacteria of the skin.
It's like "coating lactic acid bacteria * 1" to elastic skin.

🔸 Peach Ceramide
Contains ceramide that is domestically(Made-in-Japan) produced peach juice and 3 types of ceramide*3 for plump peach skin!

Contains bergamot fruit extract that tightens pores

Contains vitamin C derivative/hyaluronic acid/vitamin E/peach leaf extract (all moisturizing ingredients)

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