The Rose Of Versailles Facial Mask Gold 1 Sheet

The Rose Of Versailles Facial Mask Gold 1 Sheet


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A luxurious combination of several types of plant extracts, including the "pomegranate flower extract" and "camellia flower extract". Skin-protecting ingredients are also added to provide plenty of moisture while firmly protecting the skin, leading to fine-textured, bouncy, radiant, pure skin!

▼Beloved innocence
Skin-beautifying ingredient "gold" is blended to further improve moisturizing power.
In addition, pomegranate flower extract, camellia flower extract, and several other plant extracts are luxuriously blended.
▼ Be kind and loved
Contains hyaluronic acid.
With an alcohol-free, mineral oil-free formulation, beauty ingredients gently penetrate into the skin.
▼I am loved well
Uses an “adherence permeation sheet mask”.
The three-layer structure is smooth to the touch and highly absorbent, so it contains plenty of serum.
With the wrapping effect of the mask, the moisture penetrates deep into the skin.

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