Kai Nyammy Frying Pan/Tamagoyaki Pan

Kai Nyammy Frying Pan/Tamagoyaki Pan


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“Fun cooking with cats!”
While taking advantage of the performance of Kai's best-selling products, Kai incorporated a cat motif in a way that does not interfere with the atmosphere of the kitchen. Whether you are a cat lover or not, we value the right amount of cat feeling that makes you want to use it!
An egg pan with a handle that makes it easy for a sitting cat to grip.
Surface treatment/inner surface: Fluoropolymer coating, outer surface: heat-resistant baking finish
Material Type/Body: Aluminum Alloy Bottom: Stainless Steel
Bottom thickness: 2.6mm
Mounting bracket: aluminum alloy
Handle: Phenolic resin (heat-resistant temperature 150-celsius degrees)
Country of Origin: China

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Weight 0.869 lbs
Dimensions 13.58 × 2.16 × 5.34 in


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