Momo Puri Milk Jelly Mask 4 Sheets

Momo Puri Milk Jelly Mask 4 Sheets


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Contains lactic acid bacteria and peach ceramide to apply

A face mask made of a soft and fluffy cellulose sheet that contains plenty of dense milk jelly. While tightening the skin, it will lead to plump and moist skin.

Uses a thick cellulose sheet. Gently wraps your skin with a gentle feel and rich moisture.

It is easy to take out and easy to use, one by one individually wrapped type.

Formulated with lactic acid bacteria "EC-12 strain" that focuses on the bacteria that normally reside on the skin. It's like "coating lactic acid bacteria" to elastic skin.

Moisturizing skincare that contains peach ceramide, a moisturizing beauty essence ingredient that is particular about Made-in-Japan production.

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